Key protection from keymail –
the unrivalled 24h lost key service!

With keymail your lost keys will safely and quickly be returned to you – guaranteed! The reason is the unique combination of two lost & found systems – the post box service proven since 1982, and text alerts – a free extra benefit. This means maximum protection for you so lost keys are returned to you as quickly as possible! 

How does keymail key protection work if I lost my keys?

The key component in our key return service is a key tag with a personal code to match your keys to you. If somebody finds your key they have two lost & found options:

1. Post box service

Every post box becomes a lost & found for keys. The keymail key tag attached to your key ring asks the person who found them to place the unpacked keys in the next post box. The postal service sends the key ring to keymail so it can then quickly and safely be returned to you by registered mail for a fee.

2. Lost & found text system 24h/365:

The lost & found text system by keymail is even faster: The person finding the keys texts the embossed code to keymail. The owner then immediately receives a text from keymail with the mobile number of the person who found the keys. This service works around the clock – 365 days a year, worldwide.  So the text system saves you the cost of an expensive locksmith.

Which key protection and return service is the best?