keymailPLUS 24h card cancellation service: Quick and secure – with just one call!

Imagine you’re on holidays or travelling and lose your wallet or mobile. The trouble begins! keymailPLUS 24h helps to keep the aggravation to a minimum.

How keymailPLUS 24h works: Just place one call to our card cancellation service to have all of the affected cards cancelled. Losing a wallet or purse usually means several cash, debit, credit, or store cards must be cancelled. We will not only cancel your lost cards, we’ll also request replacements. Saving you a lot of work. Another benefit to you: We will cover the cancellation and card replacement fees up to CHF 150.00 per year.

24h card cancellation service – simple and fast, with just one call

To ensure you always have our 24h cancellation hotline and your personal code with you, we will provide you with the keymailPLUS 24h tag for your key ring. Convenient: This also serves as a lost key tag so the keys can be returned to you.

Is my card information secure?

Yes, keymailPLUS 24h complies with strict data protection regulations. Your card information will be kept safe in the secured online customer account.

Card cancellation service keymailPLUS 24h – your benefits:

  • Easy and convenient - with just one call
  • Cancelling cards promptly prevents unauthorised transactions
  • Phone us 24/7, 365 days a year – worldwide!
  • The 24h hotline is embossed on the key tag
  • Cancellation and card replacement fees up to CHF 150.00 per year refunded
  • If discrepancies occur, you will have your proof of cancellation including time stamp
  • We request replacement cards for you
  • Annual free statement with card information
  • Card data managed by us, or by you in the online customer account


Forget tedious searches for the cancellation numbers of your card issuers and don’t leave anything to chance. With keymailPLUS 24h you can act in a flash and quite effectively prevent unauthorised card use. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that most or all of your cancellation and card replacement fees will be covered.

Convenient, and your first year is free!