Here you will find our most frequently asked questions

When does my key tag expire?

You will find the contract term in the online customer account, or e-mail us at:

How do I change my address?

You can change your information straight in the online customer account, or e-mail us at: Please be sure to specify your key tag number and your previous address.

I haven’t received a password for my online customer account?

If you own a keymail, under "Login" please click on "Login not yet received” below the Login box. You will then be able to set up your login yourself.

I have my Login information, but it’s not working.

Did you e-mail address change? Please log in with your old e-mail address and change it in your customer account! The next time you log in you will then be able to use the current e-mail address. If you forgot your password, please click on Forgot Password.

Can ordered key tags be transferred to another person?

Every key tag includes registration instructions. They can be registered by phone, e-mail (, or in the customer account. So you can also give the key protection away to acquaintances, friends, and family.

Wieso hat die Marke in Deutschland ein Mail statt Post-System?

Aufgrund von Änderungen bei der Deutschen Post per 31.12.2024 mussten wir das Fundsystem für Deutschland anpassen. Neu kann der Finder den Code per Mail zu uns senden und wir senden dem Finder die Informationen, wie er den Bund zu uns senden kann, zudem wird der Finder auf das SMS System aufmerksam gemacht, sofern vom Besitzer eine Mobilnummer hinterlegt ist. Danach leiten wir den Bund wie gewohnt per Post/Einschreiben dem Besitzer weiter. Sollten dennoch Schlüsselbunde im Postbriefkasten landen, haben wir die Möglichkeit, diese zu erhalten und ebenfalls an den Besitzer zu senden.

Do I have to activate the SMS system?

No. Our key tag features 2 lost & found systems: The post box system and the SMS system. The post box system will always work, but the SMS system requires your mobile or landline number. Without these, the finder will be instructed to deposit the key ring in the nearest post box, as we do not have a telephone number for the owner.

Will the keymail contract automatically renew?

No. You will receive a renewal offer before it expires. It therefore does not need to be cancelled.

Careful with calls from call centres! These will try to talk you into a purchase or unnecessary switch through unfair advertising! It’s a complete rip-off, since our key tags are still valid. keymail will only send you renewal offers in writing!  

Will keymail phone me regarding my key tag?

No! For security reasons we will only contact you in writing with renewal offers for the respective key tag.

What can I do about annoying call centres with false statements?

Every day we hear from our customers with examples of the methods these call centres use. They often claim:
- Your key tag has expired
- keymail no longer exists
- We have acquired keymail
- We work with keymail
-You need to order new key tags, the current ones are no longer working
- etc.

We recommend:

1. Ask for the company name, the name of a contact person, and ask for a callback number. If they do not clearly answer these questions, hands off. Your key ring is too valuable to be "protected" by dubious providers.

2. Are you on the no-call list?
Help stop these unfair business practices. Use the link below to promptly report the incident to SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs):

SECO will collect reports and lodge a complaint against these companies

3. If the company sent you products and invoices, return these promptly with the note: Refused for unfair business practices. If possible, contact keymail with all details of the incident.

What’s the difference between keymailPLUS 24h and the SelfSAFE card protection?

keymailPLUS 24h is a 24h cash and credit card cancellation service. With just one call you can immediately have all affected cards cancelled. We will further reimburse the cancellation and replacement fees - up to CHF 150.00 per year. This service includes keymail key protection with the 24h hotline embossed.

SelfSAFE card protection is a free added service of keymail. You can manage your credit, cash, debit cards, and your mobile to your personal SelfSAFE in your online customer account. SelfSAFE will automatically provide the correct cancellation telephone numbers for all card issuers worldwide so you can cancel your cards yourself. You can also upload scanned documents. Access telephone numbers of all embassies for your nationality.

How do I add a cash or credit card?

You can always add, edit, or delete cards in your online customer account. When adding a new card you will need to choose the "issuer". Enter the simplest search terms in the search field, e.g. bank name (no mutated vowels).

Will the keymailPLUS 24h contract auto-renew?

Per our T&Cs the contract will automatically be renewed unless cancelled by registered letter 60 days prior to expiry. T&Cs.

The original since 1982!

keymail introduced the brilliant key protection in 1982 and is Europe’s most successful return system. In Switzerland alone, we return approx. 30 key rings to their owners every day. Since 1982 keymail has already returned over 100,000 key rings to their owners.
The success rate is an impressive 97%. 30 years later, keymail now offers two other free added services, becoming a league of its own in consumer benefits - keymail becomes your personal worldwide lost & found office.

keymail is unique! What is the competition unable to offer?

Key protection: In addition to the proven post box system, the finder can now also text the embossed telephone number. The owner of the keys will promptly receive the mobile number for the finder. Just another way to avoid using expensive locksmiths. Unique and unrivalled: Two lost & found systems in one. Another benefit is the world’s first finder function.

Card protection: keymail is the only provider to offer SelfSAFE card protection as a free added benefit. You manage your credit, cash, debit cards, and mobiles yourself from your personal SelfSAFE in your online customer account. SelfSAFE automatically provides the correct card cancellation number for hundreds of thousands of card issuers. You can upload and store scanned documents. View telephone numbers for all embassies for your nationality.
Your worldwide security in an emergency.

Internationally recognised!

keymail also works internationally with operations in several countries.

Data privacy

Security and confidentiality are our top priority. Our entire staff is under Swiss bank secrecy. Customer information is used for customer service purposes only.

Unmatched price

All added benefits are included in the standard price of our low price key protection service.